About digitalassetman

Mark is a global speaker and expert in the field of Digital Asset Management. Over the last 15 years he has provided consultancy in media rich applications and services for government, charities, corporations and not for profit organisations drawing on his background in publishing, advertising and marketing. He provides independent vendor-agnostic consultancy services and strategic expertise in Digital Asset Management, Taxonomy and Metadata.. Mark has reviewed over 100 DAM systems for his consultancy services,and in his role as a thought leader in DAM and as President of the DAM Foundation. Mark has advised a number of DAM vendors and integrators in terms of product development, content marketing and business roadmap's. He regularly presents in the UK, Europe and the USA sharing his knowledge and expertise.

DAM Foundation is no longer active

Thanks to everyone who has participated over the last seven years. Special thanks to the community members who have actively contributed and helped the DAM Foundation and to all that have benefited from the free information the DAM Foundation has distributed.  We will still maintain the www.dammaturitymodel.org and publish vendors who have passed the ten core characteristics.

Please contact mark@damfoundation.org if you need any further information.



Mark Davey

Former President DAM Foundation